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This family business was founded in 1983 and has since grown from a small, modest operation to become a nationwide brand. 

Wunders specialises in creating high-end furniture with the key goal of creating unique pieces that will last a lifetime. With family at the centre of the business, it is important to us to make furniture that will grow with your family and hold memories through all of your family moments.

Our dedicated team source local woods, fine linens and the softest leathers and then using decades of experience, handcraft unique pieces in our Cape Town factory. Our Wunders range serves the discerning client with customisation at their fingertips, while our 3300m² factory caters for large contracts.

Featured Products

Couch Simple clean lines

Our Sofas

A sofa is the centre of any home, it is where we laugh and cry, and cuddle up with loved ones, it is where you collapse at the end of a long and stressful day. Your sofa needs to feel like a true moment of respite. Wunders sofas are designed to do just that, to hold you and comfort you and live your story with you.

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Our Chairs

A well-designed chair is a piece to be lived in, it lasts a lifetime and moves with you from throughout your life. A Wunders chair is designed to be not only beautiful but functional, comfortable and most importantly strong. A good chair needs to withstand the story of your life.

Our Ottomans

Ottomans are a lovely addition to any living space. Use as a casual coffee table, extra seating, pop at the end of an occasional chair as a footrest or place a narrow ottoman in your entrance hall for an understated decor piece.


Wunders furniture is handcrafted in South Africa with its customer in mind. Bring your vision to life with sizes, fabric selection, and finishes.

We are dedicated to craftsmanship and quality. Wunders pieces are designed to be timeless features in modern South African homes

Wunders furniture factory
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