An Introduction

Based in Cape Town, The Excellence Group is made up of multiple award-winning interior design, manufacturing and installation companies. Our offering includes a combination of international and local products, from luxury glass kitchens to locally handmade furniture, imported Italian wardrobes to custom cladding solutions.

We aim to present the construction industry with a world-class collection of owner-run, innovative companies that in turn, can interpret and bring your visions to reality through our extensive basket of offerings. The true essence of The Excellence Group shines brightest when our companies collaborate and work together on a shared project. 

To create an elevated experience for our clients, we have tailored a unique process around our product offering. With experts at every step of the way, we place great importance on creating unique experiences as we transform your dream home into a reality. 

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The inception of The Excellence Group was sparked by the keen observation of our Managing Director, Richard Lurie, who recognized the untapped potential within the high-end residential sector. Back in 2012, Eurocasa was bought and identified as a promising contender for growth. Inspired by this realisation, he saw a unique opportunity to unite like-minded businesses under a single umbrella. 

Over the next 6 years, Infin8 Surfacing was started; Spotlight Joinery and Valcucine were acquired and Craft Furniture was born. These founding five companies led to the birth of The Excellence Group in 2018 and created a platform of collaboration, offering our clients more solutions through our basket of offerings. 

In January of 2023, a significant milestone occurred as Poliform, a renowned global brand, was introduced to the discerning property market of Cape Town. Not long after, Continua, a specialist in stone tiles and slabs, joined The Excellence Group. 

Each company became the perfect match, harmonising with the desires and aspirations of The Excellence Group’s esteemed clients, while complementing our existing companies and projects.


Our pillars of excellence focus on our group operations. They align our businesses towards ensuring a unique experience for every client.
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Employer of Choice

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Client Experience

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Product Quality

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Financial Stability

Our group focuses on the well-being, happiness and effectiveness of our staff. We ensure that our staff have the tools required to perform their role with excellence. We encourage professional development by offering a variety of training and mentorship programmes as well as job swapping.

Our main objective while working with you is to ensure that you are left with memories that are going to last a lifetime which is why we ensure that your experience along the way is nothing short of excellent. All of our companies are in the position to manage all aspects of our projects – from design development to logistics and installation. 

Our well-developed company process is the foundation of all of our work. Through this process, we can ensure that everything runs smoothly, timeously and efficiently.

We pride ourselves on ensuring excellent product quality that is relative to the market segment in which each company operates. All of our products are made from the finest raw materials to the longest-lasting hardware. Stringent quality assurance measures are in place to ensure no product leaves our facilities unless it meets our exacting standards and product quality. We proudly offer market-leading guarantees in workmanship as well as the product.

The Excellence Group companies are built on strong financial management principles that ensure stability, even in very tough trading conditions. Financial stability is the way that we put all of the other pillars into action – it is the way we look after our staff; it is how we grow organically to optimise our process and it is how are able to use the highest quality materials for our products. We are serious about our financial well-being and in turn, our staff and our clients benefit from this stability and security.

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Invitation to like-minded businesses

The Excellence Group aims to incorporate more companies that strengthen our basket of offerings. We are dedicated to our continuous growth and would like to invite like-minded businesses to explore the possibilities of partnering with us. If you would like to discuss potential synergies, please contact us.

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