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Eurocasa Modern Italian Kitchens


Founded in South Africa in 1998, Eurocasa has been refining it’s design expertise for more than twenty years. Eurocasa offers a unique experience of Italian craftsmanship and high-end design solutions to the South African and African markets.

Specialising in kitchens, wardrobes and living, each of our pieces is handcrafted in Italy before being imported into South Africa. The designs of which are tailored to each client’s unique ideas and compositional requirements.

Working closely with our Italian partners helps us bring Italian flair into African homes through our bespoke designs and high-end solutions.

Our Featured Products

Luxury Interiors South Africa - The Excellence Group Rossana K in K out located in MLC Penthouse


The K-IN/K-OUT is a spectacularly designed free-standing kitchen island that initially appears to be a seamless monolithic stone. With almost impossibly long overhangs, it makes the mass appear to float magically over supporting plinths.

Luxury Interiors South Africa - The Excellence Group HD23 Verona


The HD23 range offers an evolving design due to its high degree of customisation. Large-capacity base units on low plinths can be combined with a multitude of special components, which are design pieces in their own right. The kitchen’s ergonomics, functionality and quality of materials undoubtedly meet the demands of the modern client, who is intent on moving with the times.
Luxury Interiors South Africa - The Excellence Group DC 10 italian kitchen


The DC10 design created by Vincenzo De Cotiis reflects contemporary art methods and incorporates a New Art Deco aesthetic. The door panel material of the DC10 is incredible – a burnished brass finish gives the surfaces a warm, luxurious feel. 

Eurocasa Cape Town

Eurocasa Cape Town is partnered with Italian brands to supply European flair and unrivalled craftsmanship. Eurocasa will assist you with a wide variety of kitchens, wardrobes, living and shelving systems, chairs, servers and furniture. Our team of qualified architects, interior designers and installation technicians are at your disposal to create the interiors you’ve always dreamed of. We speak your language and encourage you to visit our Eurocasa showroom in Cape Town for design inspiration.
Eurocase Showroom Italian kitchens cape town
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