How Our Collective Project Management Solutions take Client Service to the Next Level

Collective Project Management Solutions

Between our six companies that comprise The Excellence Group, we have over 8000m2 of floor space, 200 staff members, 15 varying size vehicles and logistical capabilities. Born from years of experience in managing projects throughout Africa. When working with more than one company in the group, our inter-group liaison allows us to quickly resolve issues and anticipate project movements, delivering a product that reaps the benefit of a collective interior offering.

Each company provides a different area of expertise to the high-end residential, building and manufacturing industry in which we operate. Although based in Cape Town, with projects that stretch across the African continent, The Excellence Group spans the breadth of design, construction and manufacturing. We are capable of taking on a project from conception to completion with skilled teams at each step of the process to ensure the highest quality product and service delivery.

The Excellence Group has a demonstrated commitment to excellence in project management, construction and client experience. Over the years, we have spent dedicated time in finding ways to elevate our client’s experience by optimising our process to maximise efficiency in all areas of our project management workflow.

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How We Do Project Management Differently

When embarking on a project, there is a stereotype that is understood and accepted in terms of working in construction, and it speaks to inefficiency, time delays and bloated budgets. The liaison between various contractors and companies while trying to manage a client’s expectations and budget can often result in errors and faults, and sometimes in more drastic failures.

This is the space The Excellence Group seeks to remedy! By bringing a united solution of capability and experience to the high-end residential market. This simple feature differentiates us is economies of scale; by using two or more companies in the group, the client benefits from increased efficiency in the project while satisfying a variety of requirements in their home. With our connection to Italy through our import businesses and our experience in local manufacturing, our teams are well-equipped and knowledgeable on the best practices and processes. Through overcoming individual company challenges, this has led to effective project management, anticipation and optimisation across the group.

How We Excel as a Group

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Our companies work collaboratively with one another to deliver complete, comprehensive luxury homes, fitted with products of the highest quality. Speaking to this, we have 20 installation teams across the group.

Our installation teams are a product of the inter-company relationships, allowing us to work seamlessly across divisions and products to ensure your project goes off without delay or issue. Our group capability allows us to serve discerning markets across the continent. This installation effectiveness, together with our ability to leverage economies of scale, is another key element we extend to our clients.


We communicate internally to anticipate project movements; problem solve and manage logistics. This collaboration allows us to deliver a premium product and service owing to shared knowledge and resources. 


Our teams and processes are designed to provide solutions at every stage of the building process. An example of this would be a kitchen installation. Not only are we able to design and manufacture a luxury kitchen, we offer high quality surfacing for countertops , joinery , appliance solutions, basin and sanitary ware recommendations, as well as refined craftsmanship. We manage the design, technical drawings, final measurements, as well as the service drawings for plumbing, electricity, gas. Finally the installation to ensure completion of the entire project, with oversight and accountability which accompanies this level of cross project involvement.

The uniqueness of our offering combined with our commitment to service excellence is what sets us apart. We aim to give our clients peace of mind when working with any of our companies, as we collectively take responsibility for all aspects relating to the project for superior client experience – whether it be the homeowner directly or various professionals working on the project.

What Areas Do We Specialize In?

Our group of companies offers services ranging from fitted joinery to free-standing furniture (link) and everything in between. We are continuing to grow our basket of offerings to offer more solutions to our clients. We hold an open invitation to like-minded businesses to explore the possibilities of partnering with us.

Below is a quick overview of our current businesses in the group and the markets they serve:


This Italian brand handcrafts high-end kitchens, wardrobes and living and exports each of its pieces to South Africa. Every design is tailored to the client’s unique lifestyle and compositional requirements.

Spotlight Joinery

Designing and manufacturing local, bespoke joinery solutions, Spotlight Joinery caters to the high-end market. We offer solutions for kitchens, wardrobes, bathrooms, wine cellars and more – creating artisan joinery to the clients’ specifications.


This world-renowned and international brand is a world leader in timeless, luxury designs offering solutions for kitchens, wardrobes and living spaces. Our modern interpretation of compositional design is inventive and ingenious.

Infin8 Surfacing

Infin8 Surfacing is a solution finder at heart, providing immaculate and seamless design solutions for both residential and commercial clients. We convert your inventive ideas into reality, from kitchen countertops to bespoke boardroom tables and props for the film industry.

Craft Furniture

Craft Furniture is composed of artisans who handcraft high quality pieces of furniture from timber. Whatever your bespoke furniture needs, Craft Furniture will find the right solution based on your unique requirements whether it be fitted or free-standing.

Product quality and process are the core focus for us and we would love to help you with your projects. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you through the process, give us a call on 021 035 1737 or send us an email at

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