TEG Social Responsibility

Giving back is an incredible privilege and a core focus at The Excellence Group. We have partnered with various initiatives around the Cape Town area. 

From 2018 to 2021, we partnered with The Little Optimist. This organization focused on helping kids to survive and thrive. We were able to donate a combination of products and financial contributions, as well as our staff offering their time for various events and community engagements.

TEG Outreach Ladles of Love
TEG Outreach Ladles of Love

In 2022, we decided to partner with the incredible NPO, Ladles of Love. They support numerous other community kitchens, schools, social enterprises, and smaller NPOs with much-needed groceries and other goods, allowing them to reach out further and touch the lives of the vulnerable who need it now more than ever.

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Since joining forces with Ladles of Love, we have volunteered at various soup kitchens, schools and other beneficiaries while also making product donations to organisations in need. Our sandwich drives have hit record highs with almost 10000 sandwiches made in just 67 minutes.

The Excellence Group Outreach Charity Cape town
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