How to make a statement with your guest powder room

Our homes are where we are most comfortable which is why it is completely understandable that we sometimes lose sight of what it must be like for someone to experience our home for the first time.

There are certain parts of the house that we spend a lot of time in which needs to be coherent with the overall design and aesthetic. However, the powder room is a bit of an outlier which makes it the perfect place to take design risks! Here’s a list of our favourite ways to make a statement with a powder room.

A statement in a guest powder room:



A powder room is a great place to experiment with graphic wallpaper as you’re not dealing with moisture from bathtubs or showers. This is your opportunity to play around with colour, prints and patterns. Whether this is a bold floral design or something more minimalistic and traditional, it’s an exciting space to play around with. Take a look at some of our favourites here.


make a statement in a powder room
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Due to the small surface area that needs to be covered, the powder room presents an opportunity to use stone or a feature surface. These surfaces can be slightly more costly, but if you’ve held back in other areas of the home due to the large surface area, then this is the perfect place to indulge without breaking the bank.


How to make a statement with your guest powder room
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Similarly to stone, timber features can become quite costly too. However, with the smaller space that you need to work with it becomes a blank canvas to show off custom woodwork and craftsmanship with bespoke pieces. The vanity itself can be crafted from a variety of different wood species to suit your design vision. Alternatively, wood is fabulous to use as a decorative piece for the walls as well!


Wall Design

While we’re chatting about walls, if you’re not sold on the idea of wallpaper, there are many other ways to create visual interest with the walls of the room. Wall cladding is an effective solution for a powder room that is exposed to moisture or heat. There are many ways to do this- one you could use wood (read the point above), or you could use solid surfacing to create movement and texture on your walls. The great thing about solid surfacing is that it lends itself to a large variety of applications so there really are endless possibilities on how to use the material.


How to make a statement with your guest powder room
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The smaller ticket items should by no means be overlooked. Large mirrors can instantly transform a room to feel much larger than it really is and is a great tool to reflect light in dark spaces. Lighting, sconces and pendants are another way to add light that doubles up as a design feature in themselves. Lastly, your choice of tapware is a very subtle feature but it is so important to get right. Let your tapware match the rest of the room or make a statement in itself.


At The Excellence Group, we are lucky to have a variety of brands that each have their own unique products. This makes creating a statement so much easier! If you would like to find out more about how we can help you through the process, give us a call on 021 035 1737 or send us an email at


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