An Invitation to Like-Minded Interior Businesses

The Excellence Group is constantly striving for growth in the residential building sector. We are committed to enhance and develop our basket of offerings to our high-end residential clients.

An active growth objective for The Excellence Group is to grow by one new product sector offering every year. The goal is to serve clients with luxury interiors, covering at least 70% of the home. This includes elements such as lighting, sanitaryware, flooring and the like.

All five of our Cape Town businesses – Valcucine, Infin8 Surfacing, Craft Furniture, Eurocasa and Spotlight Joinery – provide turnkey solutions to our clients. This includes all elements of the project such as design, service drawings, manufacturing, installation and project management – all while providing an exceptional client experience. We pride ourselves on taking our clients on a journey, creating a memorable experience in building or renovating their home.

Organic growth is important, The Excellence Group’s companies are consistently reviewing their spaces and manufacturing facilities to optimise efficiency in all areas. Valcucine is currently completing their Cape Town kitchen showroom renovations with the latest Italian kitchen designs. Craft Furniture has just moved their operations from Lansdowne (next to Spotlight Joinery) to share Infin8 Surfacing’s vast factory space. This move has given both Spotlight Joinery and Craft Furniture the space they need to continue creating high-quality local joinery and furniture. Our teams are growing across the board, with the exciting news of our first ever in-house marketing team. 2020 aside, The Excellence Group is committed to reach our growth business objectives.

With that in mind, The Excellence Group would like to encourage like-minded high-end residential interior businesses to make contact to discuss potential synergies and partnership opportunities. Valcucine, Infin8 Surfacing, Craft Furniture, Eurocasa and Spotlight Joinery are ready to tackle a new adventure with bringing on new companies.

In a time like the current, it is important to have a strong support system. This is exactly what The Excellence Group provides. Since the formation of TEG in 2018, we have groomed each of our businesses to become the powerhouses that they are today. Our shared resources such as finance, marketing and HR can assist in the relevant aspects of your business, while having experience in managing different companies with similar objectives. The Excellence Group is made up of the best professionals in the business, and without our committed teams in each company as well as forming part of the group, The Excellence Group would not be here today.

As we enter a new year, we welcome new opportunities. We welcome the opportunity of growth, new challenges, new faces and a new adventure! Please contact us should you want to discuss a future with The Excellence Group.

Here’s to 2021 – may it be a new and successful adventure for all!

Please email for more information on our offering or opportunities.

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