Luxury Wardrobe Design Tips for 2021

A sophisticated and beautifully curated luxury wardrobe is one of the joys of luxury living. The Excellence Group contemplates the trends that we expect to see in wardrobe design this year.

Consider a Centre Island

Centre Island | The Excellence Group

A centre island offers more than pure functionality in a luxury walk in wardrobe. It is ideal for your cufflinks, jewellery as well as belts and other accessories. When including glass in your wardrobe island design, your personal accessories and special elements can be visually appreciated at all times.

This walk-in wardrobe was designed and manufactured by Spotlight Joinery for a prestigious project in Stellenbosch. The centre island of the open, and expansive wardrobe has a timber finish with a glass top. Allowing for easy access and sighting of your cherished pieces.


The Sparkle of Glass

Glass Wardrobe | The Excellence Group

More often than not, for luxury residential projects, our clients desire an open wardrobe, allowing them to appreciate their impressive fashion collection. A well-designed wardrobe should exude intimacy and sophistication – a glass wardrobe ensures this.

Eurocasa Cape Town specialises in a unique range of glass wardrobes. Eurocasa’s Italian wardrobes combine elegance and indulgence – providing impressive visual appeal and practicality. Eurocasa offers these glass wardrobes in sliding or hinged doors with ample freedom for customisation.


Matching Materials

Mixed Materials | The Excellence Group

Luxury wardrobes naturally invite a combination of textures and finishes that enhance the overall look and feel of your intimate space. Whether it is timber or metal, translucent or bronzed glass – a sophisticated wardrobe finds the balance through successful pairings of different materials and finishes.

The Dressing Room, supplied by Valcucine South Africa, exudes personal style and magnificence. This luxury Italian wardrobe system allows for personalised compositions, easily complying with the space and ambience where it is fitted. It is perfectly paired with a wardrobe island.


Bespoke Wardrobe Internals

Liberty Wardrobe | The Excellence Group

In today’s design world, all high-end, quality joinery is able to be customised to exacting specifications. The internal drawer organizers for your luxury wardrobe can be tailored to fit your personal needs – playing with different sizes, levels, finishes and volumes.

Eurocasa Cape Town’s Liberty wardrobe is structured in a metal carcass, with timber-finished shelves and drawer fronts. This open, walk-in wardrobe allows for personal customisation of the layout and placement of the different elements – from drawer placements, hanging space (height and width) as well as shelving space.


Stylish & Orderly

Closed Wardrobe | The Excellence Group

A closed wardrobe remains a popular choice in luxury wardrobe design, as it keeps the space intimate and stylish. Due to modern design hardware, the advancements of sliding or hinged door systems ensure that they surrender to your touch.

This elegant wardrobe was designed, manufactured and installed by Spotlight Joinery, a beautiful combination of lacquered sprayed doors and timber. Furthermore, mirrors on the sidling or hinged doors are another popular selection. A ‘wardrobe seat’ is useful when putting on shoes or other accessories.


Lighting, Lighting and… Lighting!

Valcucine Storage Boiserie

Lighting is an integral element for all luxury wardrobes. The density of clothing items tends to absorb the natural light that surrounds the space, therefore smart lighting solutions are a non-negotiable in wardrobe design. There are many ways to incorporate lighting into your wardrobe – a centre chandelier, task lighting, recessed lighting and mirror lighting to name a few.

As seen here in the Boiserie wardrobe, supplied by Valcucine Cape Town, there are LED lights strategically placed to make the space come to life. It is characterised by the distinctive back panels (available in a variety of finishes), further emphasising the necessity for quality lighting solutions.

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