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A warm welcome to our first newsletter from The Excellence Group! My name is Richard Lurie and I am fortunate enough to lead our group of companies and our remarkably talented and passionate people, who are at the centre of everything we do.

Our intention for this newsletter is to keep you abreast of exciting new happenings within The Excellence Group (TEG) as well as updating you on current and relevant industry news and products. We hope to add value to the people who share our passion for the industry. We will be sending our newsletter out every 6 weeks. If you have received this – you are on our TEG database, this means we have worked on a project together or one of our team members already has a relationship with you. If you would prefer to opt out of receiving this newsletter, feel free to unsubscribe below. The Excellence Group is proudly home to luxury-kitchen designers Valcucine, engineered surfacing experts Infin8 Surfacing, wood craftsmen Craft Furniture, Italian kitchen creators Eurocasa and local joinery manufacturers Spotlight Joinery. With a global pandemic, a nationwide lockdown and the constant uncertainty of the future, it felt difficult to stay positive and focused. And yet, weirdly enough, it seems as if we learnt so much in our home offices over those weeks. We learnt to celebrate the ‘small’ successes, we learnt to operate our business digitally but most importantly, we learnt to appreciate each other more than ever, which in turn made our TEG team one tight-knit unit… and this unit has come back stronger than ever! I hope that you enjoy the read and we welcome all interaction, feedback and engagement!

Richard Lurie - The Excellence Group

Richard Lurie

Group Managing Director

Making Lives Exceptional

The Excellence Group’s tagline is ‘Making Lives Exceptional’ – how is this relevant and why is it important? We believe in investing in a better…

Luxury Interiors South Africa - The Excellence Group valcucine


“Art-of-living” refers to your capability to lead a quality life. This ties in perfectly/harmoniously with Valucine’s value of wellbeing. The forms of art are portrayed…

Luxury Interiors South Africa - The Excellence Group infin8


It started off small, but it grew into something outstanding. Infin8 Surfacing was lucky enough to work on Capitec’s new head office in Stellenbosch. This project took the infinite…

Luxury Interiors South Africa - The Excellence Group craft furniture


Our enforced confinement under the coronavirus pandemic gave us time to reflect and pushed us in a new creative direction to meet a growing need…

Luxury Interiors South Africa - The Excellence Group eurocasa


At the end of July, Eurocasa completed some spectacular italian kitchen renovations within our Cape Town showroom. We effectively optimised the space to reveal the latest trends in…

Luxury Interiors South Africa - The Excellence Group spotlight joinery

Building your kitchen? Here’s what to consider before getting started

In the last few decades, kitchens have evolved from being utilitarian spaces to becoming a real reflection of the lives we choose to live…

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